Temecula Photographer

There are few cities in the world where natural beauty and perfect year around weather meet to bring together a complete harmony from a photographer’s standpoint… and Temecula, California definitely ticks the boxes. This town is home to some of the best wineries in the world as well as a few very popular golf courses. For a photographer in Temecula, it’s really hard to find a place more poised for photos than this beautiful, historic city. Every image can be breathtaking in its own right. Rolling hills, deep valleys, green vines, and golden sun sets make it the best possible choice to be a wedding photographer or to focus on portraits.

temecula-california-wedding-janice-clintWedding Photographers in Temecula

So, what really sets Temecula apart as a premier destination for California’s best photographers to flock to? The winery industry in the valley has also brought about a really booming wedding business in the region. Who doesn’t love the idea of getting married at a famous winery with picturesque lighting surrounding the entire ordeal? That’s why brides and grooms are so anxious to make one of the grand wineries the place for their nuptials. And all photographers in Temecula are completely on board with their decision.

With so many weddings occurring on a regular basis and endless images to capture, there’s no reason why photography studios far and wide come to photograph all of these lovely brides and grooms.

Why This Winery City is special

One of my biggest reasons to love this place in all of its glory is because this is where my husband proposed to me AND said “I love you” for the very first time. We were at Wilson Creek Winery and I can never forget that moment. Tears! Oh, were there tears. It was one of the most special moments in my life and the fact I get to be a photographer makes me oh so giddy inside.

Best Photo Locations in Temecula

So, you might be asking yourself… “Where are the best places to take photos in the area?”. Have no fear. There are many places to choose from. Check out our list of top locations in Temecula. My personal favorite is on DeLuz Road headed toward Fallbrook. Can you say gorgeous? I can. Our friends Emily and Vincent got engaged there and we were there to photograph the entire thing. Too bad we couldn’t be their wedding photographers on top of it!

How to Book Me as Your Photographer

I am currently accepting reservations for dates in 2017 and would absolutely love to photograph your wedding. Booking with me is fairly simple. We meet for coffee. I get to see how cute you are as a couple. We sign some wedding photography forms and you pay an initial 20% retainer. That’s it! Then you have officially booked your Temecula photographers for your wedding!

Photography Pricing in Temecula

What can you expect to pay for wedding pictures in the area? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some photographers charge less than $1,000 and others charge more than $4,000. The biggest thing you can do is find someone who is well within your budget. However, make sure you are really happy with their work and don’t choose a photographer who you’re unsure about. These pictures are ALL you have left after the wedding. Make the choice a good one!

If you’re looking for portraits, I charge $500 which is right in line with the market.