Learn 4 Tips For A Better Collection Of Family Photos


You never know how many years your family might be together, so you have to catch family photos when you can. Keep reading to learn 4 tactics you can use to wind up with more family photos than ever before:

1) Let people choose what they are going to wear: While you might have an image in your mind of the perfect studio shot of your smiling, happy family all gathered together, everyone you love might not actually want to wear what you envision them wearing. It’s possible to corral some families into the ensembles you want and then get them to smile politely, but will it honestly be a genuine photo? If you want authentic good moods out of them, consider letting your spouse and kids wear the clothes they feel most comfortable in, so long as they’re at least presentable.

2) Don’t be the only shutterbug in your family: How many times have you scrolled through a friend’s photos on their social media account and noticed that the mother was missing from most of them? It’s a curse that afflicts many families, where the dad and the kids get their image snapped a lot by the wife or mom, who people start forgetting what she even looks like. Since every smartphone can also be a camera, encourage your family members to take photos now and again. Even if you are still taking most of the images, you can get some help and even unique photos you might not have thought of.

3) Get your distaste for selfie-sticks: A lot of people, especially members of older generations, are either revolted by these pieces of equipment or just privately think they are rather ridiculous. Still, if you want more family photos and you have younger members of the family that love selfies or just their smartphones, then consider bringing or allowing selfie-sticks into your life. If you let your kids’ passion for such things to flourish, you’ll encourage them to take family photos and you’ll all wind up with more images in your photo albums (or social media accounts as the case may be).

4) When in doubt, bribe them out: While it’s great to have other family members use their blossoming technology and toys to take pictures so that you have more and don’t have to shoot them all yourself, there’s still no substitute for a professional studio shot. If you want everyone to be open to you choosing or suggesting their wardrobe and then being really happy during the photo, treat everyone to dinner at a nice restaurant immediately after while everyone is still dressed up nice. This tactic in particular goes a long way with the men in the family.